As it gets old, your HVAC system will inevitably experience difficulties. The maker of your system provides a warranty to cover nascent problems.

Most HVAC manufacturers offer some form of warranty on their products, but it’s important to understand the available different types of coverage.

Continue reading to find out more about HVAC warranties and how they might save you money.

What Do Typical HVAC Warranties Cover?

The manufacturers offer protection if the equipment they supply fails before its guarantee has expired. Typically, this includes sensors, controllers, burners, electrical parts, motors, and compressors. 

They will probably pay for the replacement part if one of these fails during the warranty period.

There May Be Some Exceptions and Variations

You’ll hear manufacturers brag about their system’s five- or ten-year warranty. If you carefully read the details, you’ll probably notice some variations in what is covered and how long it lasts.

For instance, a furnace’s heat exchanger and an air conditioner’s compressor sometimes have shorter warranty terms.

Some parts, such as contractors and capacitors, are not anticipated to last the whole warranty duration. To learn how your warranty addresses consumable components, read the fine print.

Be on the lookout for exclusions as well. The most frequent omission is labor for the repair, which makes up a sizable portion of the cost. 

This implies that you can wind up footing the bill for the service technician’s covered heating or air conditioning repair

If you sell your house, your HVAC warranty might not transfer entirely. If you’re purchasing a property with an existing HVAC system, take the time to study the warranty details properly.

Labor-Related Issues

A secondary warranty offered by the business doing the installation covers labor. These can last a year or longer to give you enough time to spot any installation-related problems. 

When comparing quotes, be sure to compare the labor warranties that various companies offer.

Some businesses provide HVAC extended labor warranties lasting up to ten years. They usually only add a small amount to the installation fee but usually pay for any warranty-related repairs.

How a Warranty Gets Voided

Although it may be difficult to imagine, even minor neglect can easily void the manufacturer’s guarantee. 

Look carefully through your installation documentation because the first step in warranty problems is not registering your equipment when it is installed.

Most manufacturer warranties also specify that regular maintenance is required to maintain the warranty’s validity. Some individuals skip that straightforward twice-yearly appointment since they believe it to be a little annoyance that won’t significantly affect anything. 

Schedule your heating and air conditioning maintenance visits for the fall and spring to guarantee that your warranty is protected.

Circumstantial Damage

Circumstantial damage, such as storm damage, is also not covered by your guarantee. According to the theory, these problems are not caused by a manufacturing or installation flaw. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be any coverage, though.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy frequently covers storm damage to your HVAC system. Check the conditions for coverage of damage to your furnace or air conditioner by pulling out that insurance.

Repairs under Warranty

You’ll need to know how to receive repairs if your system breaks down. First, ensure you are accountable for the things you aren’t the problem with. 

This entails replacing your air filter, keeping your home’s vents clear of obstacles, and maintaining the condensing unit outdoors.


If at all possible, get in touch with the system’s installation company. Find another business that installs the same brand if you can’t or don’t want to call the first one for some reason. 

Call the business and let them know you need a warranty repair. They will walk you through the subsequent procedures and the supporting papers required to process the warranty claim.

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